Here are a few general guidelines for monogramming your Snappy gifts!

  • Monogram for women: a monogrammed gift for a woman should include her first, middle, and last initials or if she is married, her first, maiden, and last initials. Tradition dictates the last initial larger in the middle with a traditional monogram. For example, Catherine Nicole Britt would look like CBN. Once she is married to Jonathan Holt, her new initials would be CHB (Catherine Britt Holt). However, tradition does state that her original monogram CBN can correctly continue with her throughout her life. All monograms will be done with the traditional interlocking font and with the intials in the following order, first, LAST, middle unless otherwise noted.
  • Monogram for men: a monogrammed gift for a man can be correctly used in one of two different ways. For example, Michael Brooks Lewis could be MBL or could also appear as MLB with the surname in the middle for a more traditional monogram. All men’s monograms will be done with the traditional times block monogram, all the same size with the initials in the following order, first, middle, LAST unless otherwise noted.
  • Monogram for couples: as for a married couple, or soon to be married, the monogram would have the surname initial in the middle with the wife’s first initial on the left and the husband’s first initial on the right. For example, Andrew and Jennifer Goodman’s monogram would be JGA. But remember, this is a personal preference and only guidelines so choose accordingly.

A couple of notes:

  • Keep your messages short if adding text. Longer names or messages become smaller with each additional letter. When choosing to put writing on something, use a century style writing or times block writing style as it is easier to read.
  • Recommended fonts: baby boys: times block or classic block; baby girls: curlz; teen boys: times block, classic block, or circle; teen girls: curlz for single initial or all three initials
  • These are just suggestions that we like; feel free to choose what you like or what you think your recipient will like!

If you have any questions regarding monogramming, please feel free to contact us at ;  we are always happy to help!